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Jiyeon Nam presented her recent results at NecSys 2018

Title: A Posteriori Detection of Moment of Attack on Cyber-physical Systems: A Back-and-forth Observer Approach

Presenter: Jiyeon Nam (joint work with Dr. Gyunghoon Park, Taekyoo Kim, and Prof. Hyungbo Shim)

From 27th to 28th August, the 7th IFAC Workshop on Distributed Estimation and Control on Networked Systems (NecSys 2018) is held in Groningen, Netherlands. In CDSL, Jiyeon Nam attended NecSys 2018 and presented her recent results on a posteriori detection of moment of attack on cyber-physical systems by the back-and-forth observer approach. 

In her poster, she briefly described about the concept of moment of attack, and then gave motivating example for this newly introduced concept: detection of moment of attack. For details, first, she gave the graphical description for two key approaches to solve the problem, the back-and-forth observer and the high-gain observer. Second, she showed the simulation results on the comparison between the conventional anomaly detector and the proposed algorithm. The conventional anomaly detector cannot detect the moment of attack with loud and clear peak, but the proposed algorithm does. Third and the last, the main theorem is proposed with precise mathematical form. 

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