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Funded Projects

Selected On-going projects

  • PI, “연결된 Cyber-Physical & Human System을 위한 제어 이론 연구”, 한국연구재단 (2017/9/1 ~ 2022/8/31)
  • Co-PI, “Motion Control for Vehicular Dynamics”, Samsung Electronics (2016/5/1 ~ )
  • Co-PI, 국방생체모방자율로봇 특화연구센터(BMRR-23)/국방생체모방자율로봇 생체모방형 위치/거동 센서기술 연구 (2016/3/21 ~ 2018/12/15)
  • Co-PI, Resilient Cyber-Physical Systems, DGIST

Selected Past projects

  • PI, “공격으로부터 자율 복원 가능한 분산형 센서 네트워크의 강인성 기초 연구”, 한국연구재단 (2015/5/1 ~ 2018/4/30)
  • PI, “Development of RV robust servo control algorithm”, Seagate Technology LLC, USA (1 year from 2012/10/1)
  • PI, “A new approach to design of nonlinear observers robust to measurement disturbances, with applications to quantized feedback control”, National Research Foundation of Korea (3 years from 2011/9/1, Co-PI: Daniel Liberzon at UIUC)
  • Co-PI, “Context-adaptive technology for energy-efficiency and safety of vehicles”, National Research Foundation of Korea (2009/9/1 ~ 2013/2/28)
  • Co-PI, “Resetting internal states for high performance dynamic controller design”, National Research Foundation of Korea (1 year from 2008/7/1)
  • PI, “Research on nonlinear control theory for analysis and control of biological dynamics”, National Research Foundation of Korea (2 years from 2006/7/1)
  • PI, “Vibration suppression of industrial robot arms”, Hyundai Heavy Industries & Ministry of Knowledge Economy (7 years from 2005/10/1)
  • PI, “Development of control algorithm for power plants guaranteeing unsafe region avoidance in the state space”, KEPCO (1 year from 2005/12/1)
  • Co-PI, “Control and model reduction of biological systems”, Korea Science Foundation (3 years from 2002/9/1)